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What are the advantages of Subclub for content creators?

Security and reliability — your money go directly to your crypto wallet. The platform does not have access to them, and charges only a minimum commission for transactions within the platform.

Anonymity — you do not need to enter your personal data, so Subclub does not have access to them. We only see the address of your wallet in the blockchain network.

No restrictions — there are no prohibitions and limits for cryptocurrenciy. You can instantly withdraw money to your bank card in any possible way from anywhere in the world.

No KYC check — you do not need to confirm your identity, link a card and enter personal data.

Web3 — the product belongs to a new generation of blockchain technologies. This ensures fast transactions in cryptocurrency within the platform with minimal commissions possible.

High quality media files — on Subclub you have the ability to upload original files without compression thanks to our own cloud storage. You can buy as much space in the cloud as you need.

Donations and subscriptions — create several subscriptions tiers at different prices and limit the number of subscribers.

Referral program — you can share a percentage of the subscription price and give fans the opportunity to invite new users via a referral link. Fans get the given percentage as a reward while you get more new subscribers and increase your income.

Referral program for fans and traffic managers

For authors
To enable the referral program, you should share any percentage of your subscription price as a reward for participants. This percentage will remain constant for all participants until you change it. If you change the percentage, the new amount will only apply to new users.

Any Subclub user will be able to use a referral link to your profile and invite new subscribers. For each attracted subscriber, the user will earn from your shared percentage, and you will get more new paid subscribers and increase your income.

For fans and traffic managers
Each Subclub user can create their own referral link to the author participating in the referral program and earn money monthly for each invited subscriber. You can keep the bonus percentage for yourself, or share a part of this percentage as a subscription discount for invited users, who use your referral link.

Be careful when setting up a subscription discount for the first time — if you increase the discount in the future, the auto-renewal of the subscription of the users invited by you will remain. But if you reduce the discount, the auto-renewal will be reset for all subscribers who have used your discount

For invited users
When a user subscribes to an author using someone's referral link and connects their crypto wallet to Subclub, the platform will automatically utilize the terms of the link to this wallet. If the owner of the referral link has provided a discount on the subscription, you'll have it forever. It can be reset only if the link owner decides to remove or change the discount. But don't worry: in this case, your subscription will be automatically canceled.

Referral program for authors

If you know someone who could become an author on Subclub, invite them to join via your referral link. The link can be found in Profile and Referral sections.

When you invite an author, you will receive 5% of all their paid subscriptions! Authors do not lose anything and receive the entire amount of money.

The platform is in beta version, what does it mean?

At the moment, only a part of the platform's functionality is available to users, not all of it. We collect all user feedback and suggestions and work hard to improve the product. The Beta stage of Subclub will be completed after the end of the development of new features and the elimination of key errors. You can find out more about the planned platform updates in the Planned updates and improvements section.

Do you have any access to my money?

No, Subclub cannot access your wallet. When you subscribe to an author with auto-renewal, the platform offers you to sign a smart contract that allows us to transfer monthly subscription payments directly from your wallet to the author's wallet. The exact amount of the payment is always indicated in the smart contract before confirming the subscription, and the platform cannot go beyond this contract. You can also cancel your subscription in the Subscription section. Therefore, your funds are safe.

What are the commissions on the platform?

Thanks to payments in cryptocurrency and using the blockchain network, Subclub can provide the lowest commission: 10% of the monthly subscription revenue. The commission does not apply to donations and referral programs. Also, we do not charge a commission for topping up your wallet and withdrawing money, since the funds come directly to your crypto wallet and only you have access to them.

What are BNB and BUSD tokens?

BNB is a native token of the BSC blockchain network. The token is used to pay the commission (gas) for transactions within BSC. The network allows users to transfer funds to each other and trade BNB, BUSD and other BEP-20 tokens.

Note: you won't be able to transfer funds if there is no BNB on your wallet to pay the commission (gas). Don't forget to top up your wallet with BNB.

BUSD is a regulated stablecoin, whose value is always equivalent to 1 US dollar. Such stablecoins are created to maintain a stable market value. It allows you to store assets in the blockchain without the threat of volatility and without the need to withdraw them from the crypto space.

BUSD is used to pay in the same way as US dollars. On Subclub we use BUSD for all payments.

Planned updates and improvements

Subclub is a new project that will grow rapidly and actively develop.

We plan to add these updates in the near future:

  • Search by authors and categories
  • Formatting the text of publications
  • Notifications within the plarform or via Telegram bot
  • Detailed statistics of the referral program
  • Increased number of subscription tiers
  • Adding automatic access to a private Discord or Telegram group to the subscription tier
  • Telegram bot for paid private groups that allows you to automatically pay for membership in crypto
  • Buying cryptocurrencies from a bank card within Subclub
What is a Web3 wallet?

Web3 wallets are services that let you connect to decentralized apps running on the blockchain and make transactions within them directly.

Advantages of wallets using Web 3.0 technological developments include:

  • strong privacy protection
  • personal responsibility for the storage of funds — no need to entrust this to companies
  • no centralized control
  • no intermediaries
  • full control over your data and full data encryption
    minimizing hacks and leaks — decentralization means that one needs to disconnect the entire huge network in order to cause harm
  • unlimited access regardless of country, citizenship, income or other sociological and demographic factors
  • operation without failures — decentralization makes the risk of a service failure minimal

MetaMask — one of the most popular ways to access dApps (decentralized apps, usually created on the Ethereum blockchain). The wallet was developed by Consensys.

TrustWallet — a wallet officially supported by the Binance crypto exchange. It allows users to interact directly with a large selection of dApps. It does not store personal data of users and it is easy to use even for beginners.

What is Web3?

Web 3.0 (Web3) is a new generation Internet technology. Whereas the previous Web 2.0 focused on user content hosted on centralized sites, Web 3.0 gives users full control over their data on the Internet. This concept aims to create open, connected, smart websites and apps with improved machine data analysis. Decentralization and the digital economy are also integral features of Web 3.0, because thanks to them, the content created on the web acquires value.

Web 1.0Web 2.0Web 3.0ContentPassive content absorptionCommunity platforms and user-generated contentOwnership of your contentTechnologiesHTMLDynamic HTML, JavascriptBlockchain, AI, machine learningVirtual environmentNoBasic 3D3D, VR, ARAdsIntrusive (banners, etc.)InteractiveTargeting based on user actionsData storageThe data is stored on the site serverThe data is stored by tech giantsThe data is distributed among usersAudienceSeparate usersUser communitiesConnected users on different platforms and devices
Subclub cloud storage

To store large files and share them, any user can optionally use cloud storage within the platform. You can buy as much space as you need. After connecting the wallet, each Subclub user receives 100 MB in the cloud for free to share small files without compression. You can also use third-party cloud storage on the platform.

On the Storage page, you can manage your storage: upload, search, sort and delete files, as well as check the remaining free space and expand it if needed. The cost of 1 GB is $0.5. You can purchase any amount of space.

If you decide to suspend the payment for additional space in the cloud, your storage will return to the original volume of 100 MB. If this volume is exceeded, it becomes impossible to upload new files. You can continue paying for additional space or clear the storage.

Attention! When you stop paying for additional space, files exceeding the storage capacity of 100 MB are stored for 2 months and then will be deleted.

At the moment, Subclub Storage cloud storage is under development.

What should I do if BUSD is not displayed on my wallet?

If you've bought BUSD, but can't see it in your wallet, don't worry — the coins are on your wallet, but aren't displayed. In this case, you should add them manually.

Open MetaMask and click Import Tokens. Copy and paste the BUSD address into the Token Contract Address field: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

The remaining fields will be filled in automatically. Click Add a Custom token. That's it, BUSD is displayed in your wallet!

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