Connect with your audience on a new level with the new crypto network for authors and their fans.

What is Subclub?

It is a decentralized platform where authors can post their content, provide paid subscriptions for their fans and get donations in cryptocurrency

By signing up for a paid subscription, fans support their favorite authors and get access to exclusive content. Authors receive monthly income in cryptocurrency directly to their wallet — freely and without restrictions.
Authors' content can only be viewed by their subscribers who have automatic authentication with a Web3 wallet.

No verification

Just connect your crypto wallet — it’s easy! Here are three simple steps to start earning

Log in to the platform
via your Web3 wallet
Add a link to Subclub on
your social networks
Create content and get
stable monthly income

What makes us better

Subclub solves most of the problems that content creators face


Subclub does not have access to your funds. All payments go directly to your crypto wallet and are stored on a third-party platform


The platform does not have access to your personal data, and your subscribers can support you anonymously and without registration

High resolution ∞ No limit

Unlike most services, we provide the ability to upload media files without compression and size restrictions


You do not need to pass verification and link any bank details to your account

No restrictions

Unlike conventional bank cards, cryptocurrency can be used to make transactions all over the world without prohibitions, restrictions on withdrawal and high commissions


Using Subclub, you earn in cryptocurrency. Payment takes place in the BSC blockchain network

Thanks to the BSC blockchain, we are able to provide the lowest commissions posible


You can create multiple subscriptions at different prices to provide subscribers with different types of content

Benefit for everyone — authors can share a percentage of the subscription price so that fans can invite friends via a referral link. Authors get more subscribers, while their fans earn money for each invited user.

Since the author has shared a percentage of the subscription price, fans can make a discount for new users to subscribe
Fans directly influence the development and success of their favorite author by inviting friends and increasing the number of subscribers
No registration
No verification
Low commission
Money is transferred directly to your wallet, platform can’t access them
Long and time-consuming registration
Uploading documents for identity verification
The need to link a bank card
Accepting payments and getting income in fiat
High platform fees
The platform has access to your funds and can freeze them
Other product

To store and share large files, any user can optionally use cloud storage within the platform. It is a safe and secure place to store your content in any format without compression and size restrictions

In Subclub cloud storage, you can pay for exactly as much space as you need
Learn more about how Subclub storage helps protect copyrighted content

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